Welcome New Board Members

We are excited to announce that two new practitioners have joined our Board of Directors. Doug Eades from Kentucky and Jonathan Monken from Illinois are the newest members of the body that shapes the mission and activities of the NISC. See the full board.

  • Doug Eades has served as the Systems Integration Manager for the Kentucky Division of Emergency Management since 2010. Doug coordinates with other Kentucky state agencies on a regular basis, focusing on inter-agency relationships and the use of common software. He also directs efforts to coordinate with surrounding state agencies and multi-state organizations to present a regional approach to information sharing and management of operations for increased efficiency of resources during disaster situations.
  • Jonathan Monken has been Director of the Illinois Emergency Management Agency since 2011. He is also the Chairman of the Central US Earthquake Consortium. With experience serving in the military, law enforcement, emergency management and homeland security, he recognizes the critical nature of access to actionable intelligence as a means of saving lives and property when it matters most.