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ICAM Summit Final Report Released

The final report from October’s Identity Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) Summit was published on January 20.  The ICAM Summit report describes principles and actions recommended by the summit participants. From the report: “These professionals-our colleagues-need immediate access to critical information from the wide variety of systems technology available (particularly portable computers, tablets, and smartphones) more »

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NISC Partners with the 2015 IDCE

#DisasterTech Hackathon:  Innovative Solutions On February 7 & 8, the NISC supported the IDCE #DisasterTech Hackathon, which facilitated the development of multiple platform-agnostic open technology solutions to enhance public safety and disaster response collaboration, engagement, and decision-making. The NISC provided practitioner input through an introductory video from our Chair, Chief Charles Werner, describing the role more »

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