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Chair Presents at Two Events

In September, NISC Chair Chief Charles Werner attended the Big City Emergency Managers Fall 2014 Conference. The Big City Emergency Managers, Inc. (BCEM) is a non-profit organization comprised of 15 major metropolitan jurisdictions that promotes robust emergency management capabilities. BCEM’s goal is to assist major cities prevent, mitigate, recover, and respond to major incidents and more »

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Local Project Launched

On September 18, the NISC was awarded a grant from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to conduct technical assistance engagements in local-level jurisdictions. Much information sharing work in recent years has been focused on the state and federal levels of government, and this funding allows the NISC to leverage lessons learned in day-to-day operations more »

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Virtual USA Virtual Library to be Decommissioned

Based on lessons learned from five years of Virtual USA pilots, the three-year CAPSTONE-14 Earthquake Exercise process, and multiple rounds of feedback from stakeholders, the Virtual USA® Virtual Library will be decommissioned on September 30, 2014. Deactivating the library will pave the way for additional advancements in the field of information sharing for first responders. All more »

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