Public-Private Coordination in Virtual BEOCs

After the successes of CUSEC’s CAPSTONE-14 earthquake exercise, public and private sector participants recognized that there was more work to be done surrounding virtual business emergency operations centers (BEOCs). The NISC worked with the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to transition the exercise’s private sector working group to the NISC, and founded the NISC BEOC working group with a group of individuals committed to improving public-private collaboration in virtual BEOCs.

Virtual BEOCs are needed because it is not always logistically possible for a private sector company to co-locate in a physical BEOC, especially in the case of a regional disaster, as in the case of the CAPSTONE-14 scenario. Members of this new working group come from many industries and have begun work to create a model operational framework for coordinating public-private sector functions within virtual BEOCs. Read more about the BEOC Working Group.