Post–CAPSTONE-14 Initiatives

Webinar Series Explored Lessons Learned

We co-hosted two webinars: Applying Technologies to Enable Effective Decision Making in July and Public-Private Coordination in Emergency Response and Recovery in August. The webinars examined the use of technologies in the event as well as integration of the public and private sectors during the week-long, multi-state earthquake exercise. Exercise participants from both the public and private sectors presented in the webinars and discussed successes and opportunities for future growth. Whether you work in the public or private realm, you won’t want to miss this event! Recordings of both webinars are available in our event archive.

CAPSTONE-14 Resources & Information Products

The NISC is drafting an after action report (AAR) that examines the role and use of technology in the CAPSTONE-14 Exercise. Feedback has been gathered from exercise participants on the technologies they leveraged in the event. The AAR will be published in September.

We are also reviewing the technology and guidance materials that supported data integration and shared situational awareness within each state and across the entire exercise area, such as guidelines for publishing and sharing data. Once a thorough review has been completed and each participant has shared what worked and what has been implemented for day-to-day usage, the information will be published as resource material by the NISC.

NISC Private Sector Symposium

On September 3rd and 4th, Board Member Jonathan Monken will host the NISC Private Sector Symposium in Illinois. The event will build on the successes from CAPSTONE-14 related to the Virtual Business Emergency Operations Center (vBEOC) used by the private sector participants in the exercise. The Symposium participants will explore strategies for transitioning the vBEOC from a regional- to national-level tool. Stay tuned for more information.