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Partner Profile - The Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting (SABER) is a nonprofit dedicated to getting businesses back in business faster after an emergency.  SABER was formed by some of the largest retailers, grocers, pharmacies, and home improvement companies to minimize government disaster assistance by providing a free information sharing hub to avoid public-private gaps, overlaps, and inconsistencies in response and recovery.  SABER is approaching 130,000 business locations in the US that report their business status and needs to help prioritize government actions and encourage business-to-business collaboration.  SABER’s goal is opening businesses as soon as it is safe in order to put people back to work, end food distribution, close shelters, rebuild homes, and return the community to normal.  Learn more at

Key Aspects of SABER:


Point of Contact - James W. Morentz, Ph.D. – Executive Director | T 301-467-4242 |