Membership Categories & Benefits

The NISC has four membership categories:

  • State, local tribal, territorial, or federal organization
  • Non-governmental organization (NGO)
  • International partner that is either a governmental organization or NGO
  • Private industry partner

For details on membership qualifications, please see the Membership Categories Chart.

Why become a NISC member? Benefits include:

  • Networking opportunities with other NISC members
  • Access to resources shared by other members in the NISC Member Portal
  • Opportunity to participate in NISC working groups
  • Access to NISC events, trainings, and other activities
  • Opportunity to attend NISC events
  • Involvement in developing NISC publications, standards and tools
  • Access to members-only publications (e.g., research reports, newsletters, and issue- focused reports) and events
  • Access to the NISC Member Portal, which includes:
    • Resource library full of code, guidance documents, templates, and more – shared by the NISC and fellow members
    • Access to datasets, templates, and other resources shared by NISC members
    • Access to data shared in the NISC Virtual USA Common Library in ArcGIS Online
    • Free downloads of apps and code that can be deployed in your operational environment

 Members join the NISC on behalf of their organization. Sharing of organizational materials, data, or code within the NISC is completely voluntary.

Check out the list of member organizations, and read more about our organization.

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