NISC Members Participate in CAUSE III

The third round of the Canada-U.S. Enhanced Resiliency Experiment Series (CAUSE III) will culminate with a planned set of activities on both sides of the border in November. Multiple NISC members are involved in this effort, and will participate in the activities planned to take place this month. CAUSE III aims to strengthen cross-border information sharing, enhance communications interoperability, and improve shared situational awareness. Specifically, CAUSE III will focus on the integration of non-traditional resources such as digital volunteers and social media to augment traditional emergency response activities. Additionally, CAUSE III aims to enhance cross-border resilience through collaborative approaches to mutual aid, alerts and warnings, and deployable broadband infrastructure. CAUSE III participants will leverage the NISC’s ArcGIS Online organizational account to share and access data during the exercise.

Mark your calendars for a series of upcoming events related to CAUSE III. On November 18, 19, and 24, members of the public are invited to join a webcast to view live aspects of the experiment and listen to expert commentary on the day’s events. Each webcast will be one hour long and access information will be posted online.  A post-exercise webinar is set to take place in early December. It’s your chance to learn more about this exciting cross-border information sharing initiative. In the meantime, check out this interactive map to learn the Who, What, When, Where, and Why behind CAUSE III.