NISC Mission-Focused Job Aids Webinar Series

In 2018, the NISC will continue hosting a webinar series on mission-focused job aids to enhance information sharing capabilities.  The series will review tools, techniques, and standard operating procedures that NISC partners in the emergency management, first responder, and healthcare communities use to facilitate and manage information sharing.  Webinars will feature subject matter experts and practitioners.

Webinars Scheduled For 2018

  • August 30: First Responder Network Authority: Introduction and Overview to the FirstNet Network Status Tool and Uplift Request Tool REGISTER
  • October 18: Connecting Emergency Management Agencies and Water Utilities (Hosted by the NISC, DHS ESS, and EPA) REGISTER
  • November 15: Get Business Status During Disasters Through SABER, the Single Automated Business Exchange for Reporting (Co-hosted by the NISC and SABER) REGISTER

Webinars Completed in 2018

Webinars Completed in 2017: