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Sponsor Profile - G&H International Services, Inc. brings together domain and subject matter expertise in governance, policy, technology, and training to build lasting operational capacity that will support client missions and help client organizations become more self-sufficient. G&H enhances organizational and community preparedness and resilience through programs and projects that improve information management, situational awareness, and communications interoperability.

Company Website - http://www.ghinternational.com/

G&H International: What We Do - http://www.ghinternational.com/what-we-do

Key Initiatives:

Virtual USA

National Information Sharing Consortium

Virtual Social Media Working Group

Beyond the Border Canada-U.S. Resiliency Experiment (CAUSE)

New Madrid Seismic Zone

Point of Contact - Bob Greenberg, CEO | (202) 955-9505| rgreenberg@ghinternational.com