DHS Releases Mobile App Development Guide

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security recently published the First Responder Mobile Application Development Best Practices Guide. This short guide is full of best practices and tips for mobile app developers to follow when creating apps for first responders. The guide was created by the DHS Office of Emergency Communications (OEC) and the Mobile Applications for Public Safety (MAPS) program, and was developed with input from first responders, including many NISC members. According to the guide:

“Working with industry, academia and government, the MAPS program seeks to enable and streamline the development, discovery and distribution of mobile applications for first responders. In addition, MAPS promotes security, functionality and performance requirements for mobile applications for first responders.”

You can access the guide below, or via the DHS website. Share it with any developers you know working with the first responder community. Reading through the best practices can also help consumers and users of mobile apps be better able to examine the ever-expanding mobile technology market and identify which apps are worth investing in.

DHS Mobile App Dev Guide Cover