CSX ‘Operation Respond’ Training

On March 25, 2015, CSX provided a training class for the Charlottesville Fire Department on CSX’s “Operation Respond,” an incident management software that will allow responders to use mobile devices to access railway data, including information about trains and their cargo, while they are responding to incidents. This training opportunity allows the Charlottesville Fire Department to be involved in the last trial programs before the program is fully operational and available to all public safety responders.

Charlottesville Fire Chief and National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC) Chair Charles Werner stated, “This program provides the kind of information sharing that enables firefighters and other responders to access critical information related to rail incidents in real time via smartphones, tablets and computers. Operation Respond’s success is a result of a paradigm shift in the convergence of data, mobile access, broadband connectivity, and device technology that allows real time access to extremely important information to enable the most effective incident management decisions during a rail incident.”

CSX Operation Respond is the first program that provides a comprehensive delivery of rail information among Class I railroads and focuses on the safety of communities, first responders, and CSX employees.

The NISC applauds “CSX Operation Respond” for the critical and comprehensive real-time information that it provides to first responders.