The NISC Board of Directors is made up of practitioners with experience in a wide variety of fields. Directors come from emergency management agencies, fire departments, police departments, GIS agencies and more. They bring a wealth of experience and represent local, state, and national perspectives. Our Board members are recognized as experts in their fields, and their knowledge and vision shapes the work of the NISC.

Current NISC Directors:

    Executive Committee
    • Doug Eades - Information Systems Manager, Kentucky Emergency Management, Chair
    • Jonathon Monken - Vice President, Senior Director, System Resiliency and Strategic Coordination, PJM Interconnection, Vice Chair
    • Chris Tubbs - Fire Chief, Southern Marin Fire District/City of Sausalito, Treasurer
    • Eddie Reyes - Senior Law Enforcement Project Manager, the Police Foundation, Secretary

      • Board Members
        • Danjel Bout - Program Manager, Utility Cyber Security Branch at California, Public Utilities Commission
        • Richard Butgereit - Director of Catastrophe Response, Geospatial Intelligence Center
        • Travis Cryan - Senior Preparedness Specialist, Duke Energy Corporation
        • Jamison Day - Principal Data Scientist, Ecosify, LLC
        • Bryan Koon - Vice President of Emergency Management and Homeland Security, IEM
        • Derrick Phillips - Battalion Chief, St. Louis Fire Department
        • Chris McIntosh - Chief Executive Officer, Bent Ear Solutions, LLC
        • Philip Dawe - A/Section Head, Multi-Agency Crisis Management, Defence Research and Development Canada, Centre for Security Science (DRDC CSS)

        • NISC Executive Director (volunteer):

        • Sean McSpaden - Principal Legislative IT Analyst at Oregon Legislative Fiscal Office

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